14 Days of Self Love - Day 4

Meditate. Be quiet. 


Shhhhh…. Let there be silence! We live in such a go, go, go kind of world. Everywhere you turn there is noise - our phones, the tv, our computers, our families - it’s all around us. 

Take a minute to sit in the quiet and meditate. This allows you to clear your thoughts and enter into a calm state of mind. It can also lower your stress and reduce brain chatter. Here’s how you do it… 

  1. Find a place quiet to sit.
  2. Set a time limit (5-10 minutes is a good place to start).
  3. Diffuse an oil like Stress Away, Frankincense, or Valor
  4. Sit with your feet on the floor or loosely cross-legged, whatever position is stable and is comfortable. 
  5. Feel your breath and follow it as it goes in and out. 
  6. Notice when your mind has wandered and return it to your breath. 
  7. When your time limit is up and you’re ready, gently lift your gaze. Open your eyes; take notice of sounds in the environment. Notice how your body feels in that moment - your thoughts and emotions - recognize them. Go in kindness. 

---- / / ----

Have you ever meditated? Did you do anything different that helped you clear your mind? 

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  1. ANNA MARIE PRICE  02/19/2022 07:18 AM Central
    Mediation is fun, until I fall asleep. Need to work on that fine line I suppose. Thanks for the tips!

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