'InnOILvation' and 'How Do Essential Oils Work' are Must-Haves!

Are you wishing you knew more about how essential oils worked? ‘Innoilvation’ and ‘How Do Essential Oils Work’ by Dr. Doug Corrigan are must-haves!

Here’s the link to where you can get these two books —> www.StarFishScents.com

There are also several classes on his page that you can purchase. I have all of them, and they are all AMAZING!!!!

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Deep Thoughts with Dr. Doug (This is my favorite!)
Essential Oils and The Brain with Dr Doug
The Science of Cee*-Bee*-Dee with Dr. Doug
The Science of Health with Dr. Doug Corrigan

I love sharing how essential oils can benefit you, and I have a wealth of knowledge, BUT when it comes down to the science of essential oils, no one does it better than Dr. Doug Corrigan!!!


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