February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

YES!!! Its National Margarita Day!!!  

Whether you enjoy margaritas on the rocks or blended, this day is for you!  

I like to add a drop of Lime Vitality essential oil  to my margarita.  Lime essential oil supports healthy immune function when used internally.  It stimulates the senses with its refreshing aroma, and it encourages a balanced and energizing atmosphere.

The best part of adding Lime Vitality essential oil???  When I'm having a margarita I can tell my Mom, "It's okay Mom, I'm drinking for my health!"  Haha!!!

ESSENTIAL OIL INFUSED SALT TO RIM GLASS:  Combine salt and 2-3 drops of Citrus Fresh,  Grapefruit, Lemon,  Lime, or Orange Vitality essential oil to the salt and mix it around a bit, then pour onto a flat dish or small plate.  The citrus salt adds a whole new level of flavor to your margarita!  You also get the bold citrus smell which is amazing!

* SAFETY FIRST: I recommend Young Living Vitality premium quality essential oils for ingesting.  Only use essential oils labeled Vitality, Dietary, For Internal Use, or GRAS when ingesting.


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