14 Days of Self Love - Day 6

Journal every morning.

I know this might feel silly, but give it a try. Even if your thoughts don’t quite make a lot of sense that early, jot them down anyways.  Journaling in the morning can help you start things off on the right foot and get your mind in the right place.

Not sure where to start? Challenge yourself to write down three things you are grateful for and why.  Do that every morning and branch out from there.  

Have something you’re struggling with?  Write it down.  Then grab your bottle of Release and inhale.

Have something you’re excited about? Write it down. Then grab your bottle of Joy and inhale.

Have some emotions you’re trying to sort through? Write them down. Then grab your bottle of Clarity and inhale.

Have some new goals and dreams? Write them down. Then grab your bottle of Envision and inhale.

Add a date to the top of the page. A year from now you can go back and see how far you’ve come! 

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Have you ever done this? What results have you seen? 


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