I have some great seasonal wellness box recommendations for this month!

You may be needing to restock some of your favorites that you have run out of or you can try some new things that I recommend below. Young Living’s Essential Rewards wellness box order is completely customizable to your specific needs from month to month—get exactly what YOU want, when YOU want it! 

Some of the oils that you could grab in your box this month are Basil, Lime, and Citrus Fresh. One of my most favorite diffuser combos for spring is 1-2 drops Basil, 3 drops Lime, and 3 drops Citrus Fresh—your home will be smelling like a delicious glass of basil lemonade!

Another option for your box is Progessence Plus Serum. It is amazing at helping you naturally balance your hormones and is great for your skin.  Life 9 probiotic and ComforTone are perfect for a happy and healthy gut. And the Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil is great for taking off makeup and for cleansing the skin. Cleaning your skin with an oil is actually a great way to keep the pH balance of the skin and also not strip your skin of the healthy oils that it needs while keeping your skin hydrated.

And if your mind is on summer like mine is, make sure to grab some of Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen—this one is a member favorite and goes in and out of stock all summer long! And don’t forget that if your order is 100 PV+, you will earn FREE shipping! And with any order of 50 PV+ through Essential Rewards, you'll earn an additional 10-25% back in YL store credit, giving you even better pricing on your wellness, home, and body care needs!

Here is the master list of some of my favorites so you can look them up by product number if you need to:

Citrus Fresh Vitality

Item #5619 | $7.75

Lime Essential Oil

Item #3074 | $13.00

Basil Vitality

Item #5583 | $11.50

Kidscents SleepyIze Essential Oil

Item #5307 | $18.00

Progessence Plus Serum

Item #4640 | $40.00

Seedlings Calm Essential Oil

Item #26019 | $13.25


Item #4748 | $31.75

Life 9 Probiotic

Item #18299 | $30.75


Item #3199 | $37.25


Item #3204 | $36.25

Home & Body
ART Renewal Serum

Item #5175 | $80.00

Lavender Oatmeal Bar Soap

Item #4904 | $11.00

Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil

Item #23735 | $38.25

ART Intensive Moisturizer

Item #5663 | $69.75

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Item #24137 | $31.00

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Item #3674 | $14.75

Cool Azul Sports Gel

Item #5436 | $42.75